Anti ageing Solutoion

by jannifer

Ageing is unavoidable and it is natural of getting older;Nevertheless,up to 90 per cent of the visible signs of ageing are caused by the sun,it will vecome visible after many years of sun exposure.There are ways to avoid premature ageing,

Some easy ways to beat wrinkles:

1)Sun light could cause ageing faster then usual.Poor diets do also caused wrinkles.Too much intake of sugar can be the caused.when sugar level in blood is high,glycation occurs which damages the collagen in our skin.when it is damaged,the collagen hardens and lead to wrinkles.To prevent this Check the content of Sugar in the food we ate.

2)Smoking another cause.Smoking can cause wrinkles to appear around the mouth.For smoker, the best things you can do for your appearance and health is to break the habit now.

3)keep skin’s moisture levels, and take foods such as fruit and vegetables which have a high water content. moisturise the skin from the outside, use a moisturiser suitable for your skin type or hydrating oils such as vitamin E, avocado or almond oil

4)Eyes display sign your ageing If you regularly squinting to see better, it is important for both your health and appearance to get your eyes checked and invest in some glasses or contact lenses if needed

5)Intake of antioxidants food that fight against the free radicals that cause wrinkles.
Also intake diet full of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.This will assisting in keepping skin supple and nourished from within, preventing dehydration and dryness,

6)IF you want to keep your skin wrinkle-free, try experimenting with some of the stress-busting techniques that would be able to help cope with stressful situations, such as meditation, exercise or yoga.

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