Human smuggler sentenced to Jail

by peterson
(Singapore news)

According to a news in Singapore
A Malaysian man, believed to have smuggler in more then 200 illegal immigrants to Singapore between 2007 and 2009,and was caught and sentenced to seven years' jail.

63-year-old Law Song, an odd job labourer who assist in human smuggler for almost 10 years, was sentenced on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to six of the 12 charges against him.

According to The Straits Times the News paper in Singapore , Law was the mastermind behind a human smuggling syndicate that operated to smuggle people from Johor, Malaysia, to Singapore.

Law would make arrangements for boat operators to ferry the illegal immigrants across the Straits of Johor for a fee of $2000 per head. Each speedboat would carry a group of three to four illegal immigrants. The operators have been sentenced to between four weeks' and six years' jail.

Law was handed over to Singapore authorities by malaysia on 22 July after his was arrested in Malaysia by the Royal Malaysian Police in Kuala Lumpur four days earlier. He is the second syndicate leader arrested this year.

In February, Wu Feng Xia, based in Putian, was arrested. Wu is believed to have supplied clients to Law.

In a separate incident, 39 immigration offenders were arrested in a series of islandwide operations at 12 locations from Monday to Wednesday.

Offenders were from Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Indonesia and Myanmar. They were mostly overstayers between 17 and 53 years old, said the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Most claim to be cleaners, painters, odd-job labourers, construction workers and food stall helpers. However, some of the women admitted to be involved in vice activities and are currently being investigated by the ICA and the Singapore Police Force.

Five Singaporeans are also being investigated for harbouring and/or employing these offenders.

The penalties for overstaying more than 90 days and illegal entry are a jail term of up to six months, plus a minimum of three strokes of the cane for male offenders below 50. In lieu of caning, female offenders shall be fine up to $6,000.

The ICA advises homeowners to exercise due diligence in checking the status of their prospective foreign tenants to ensure that their status in Singapore is legal.

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