Quantum international Co., Ltd -- we are supplying and exporting fresh and dried dragon fruit (pitaya fruit) from Taiwan

by Judy

We are supplying fresh dragon fruit (pitaya fruit) and dried dragon fruit

The Latest in Non-Invasive Equipment for Bio-Resonance and NLS Analysis of the Human Body Including Therapy, Remedy Preparation, Nutrition Suggestions and Supplement Testing.
Until recently, this equipment has been used only in the aerospace medicine.
Today, MEDICOMAT-36 can be used with no restrictions.

Why is the BEST?
· Automatic Treatment
· Remove Fatigue
· Effective Pain Relief
· Alleviate Nerve Palsy
· No Side Effects
· 10 Treatment Modes
· 2 x Output for Therapy
· Electricity & Batteries
· Screen & Time Set
· Voice Guide

Unique and Advantages:Personal Healthcare Device Expert,Auricular Ear Acupuncture Specialist,The Most Effective Electronic Acupuncture.The Most Time-Saving Electronic Massager
The Most Money-Saving Low-Frequency Stimulator.More Information Here

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