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Save Keys 6.0.is a completely invisible key recorder that secretly records every key typed into the keyboard along with the window title of the window or program that the keys were typed into. This program makes encryption of mail, messages, and passwords completely useless because they can be saved to file before they are encrypted. Save Keys 6.0 is excellent for spying on your friends, workers, and family members, especially useful for workstations or computers used by many people.[ Free Download Copy]  .  .[Purchase]

Offers Intelligent spying Video, devices for Surveillance, Home Security & Defend.High-tech spy software allow you to see exactly what your teenager is doing elsewhere in real time. It will also allow you to monitor any employee who uses the company computer.Simplifying the job of investigator and moreThis is the Best Place To Visit

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ProtectCom - Internet Monitoring Software and Surveillance Software

ProtectCom is specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a full range of monitoring software. ProtectCom develops, markets and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, education, government and general home users.

  • 1.spy Cameral
     espymall Hidden Camera

    What looks like a regular SONY Digital Clock is actually recording every movement! It's totally convert and almost impossible to detect this hidden camera disguised as a regular looking SONY Digital Clock. The hidden SONY Digital Clock camera features motion-activated recording that begins the second a motion is detected. With motion-activation, you will never have to fast forward through hours of boring footage looking for the action.Click Here

  • 2.007 Anti-Spyware

    007 Anti-Spyware is a feature packed antispyware program, winner of multiple awards from security experts throughout the world, designed to safely scan, identify, and clean up all malicious spyware programs that can continue generate unwanted pop-ups, slow down PC speed, hijack homepage and more.[Free Copy] nbsp [More Information

  • 3. Maxapt QuickEye

    Employee monitoring software. It helps company managers to track their employees' work efficiency. You take control of how much time your employees are spending on actually working, and how much time they are wasting on secondary tasks. You can track exactly which programs are being used, and how actively.Maxapt QuickEye helps you to quickly identify employees who are using their work time inappropriately; it also provides you with compelling evidence of their ineffective work.

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  • 4.Win-Surveillance Monitoring Software.

    Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer? Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you need to monitor what your employees are doing during work hours? Is someone tampering with your computer while you are away? Monitor Your Home Pc Or Any Pc Within Network.

    5.Spy Voice Recorder

    This voice recorder is designated mainly to record and spy Voice Chat of instant messengers in real time, such as MSN Voice Chat, Skype Voice Chat, ICQ Voice Chat, MySpace Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, etc. With your sound card, this voice recorder records the chat voice— the input sound of microphone or the output sound of earphone. If you sound card support, both of them can be recorded clearly. Recorded chat voice with high quality will save automatically in wav-file format and can be replayed in Windows Media Player. Spy Voice Record even can record the sound from peripheral equipment, such as the sound from CD player, TV, radio, telephone, cell phone, etc.[Free Trial]   [More Information]

  • 6. Children Control

    Allows you to control access to PC, Internet sites, programs and system functions. This handy and powerful tool is a choise #1 for parents who don't want wheir children play for hours in games, navigate on bad sites, launch unallowed programs or simply crash an operating system.This program can be protected by your password so nobody else can't use it.It's VERY EASY to use so you will be amased by simplicity and functionality of this program!

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  • 7.Protect your family with BeAware monitoring software.
    Protect your family with BeAware PC software, $30 off retail price.

    When your children are on the Internet, they’re at serious risk. Predators are prowling chat rooms posing as kids. Vile pornography is just mouse-clicks away. Which is why you should # See who your child has been talking to in chat rooms and what they’re saying
    # Find out exactly which Web sites your child has been visiting
    # View what they’re emailing and to whom
    # Set an email alert and find out right away if they’re discussing sex, drugs, violence, suicide

    Many More

  • 8. PC Tattletale Internet Monitor For Kids

    New parental control software and Internet monitoring software captures everything your child does online; what they see, where they go and even who they talk to! This easy to use Internet monitoring and parental control software makes it easy to help protect your children when they go online, use instant messaging, chat rooms or anytime children are online. PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software automatically records: All Email - both in AND outbound mail, all Chat sessions, all Instant Messages, every web sites visited, all Keystrokes, Passwords, Videos and more! This powerful Internet monitoring and parental control spy software discretely tracks & records all the computer activity of your children when they are on or off line. It runs automatically in the background, or you can use the built-in scheduler to monitor only during the hours your children use the family PC. PC Tattletale is backed by an iron clad money back guarantee too!

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  • 9.Spy No More

    SpyNoMore scans, cleans and blocks spyware as well as any other good anti-spyware product, but with one big advantage, Custom Fix (patent pending). Spyware programs are growing more sophisticated by the day. Spyware writers show up to work daily and write new spyware programs, which keeps them a step ahead of anti-spyware programs. Hence, relying on detection database updates alone is proving less and less effective. That is why we came up with Custom Fix which is a unique tool that guarantees removal of any infection.[Free Trail]   [Full Version]   [More Informati

  • 10. Super Silent Manager

    Silently Watch Desktop, Webcam and Microphone Activities of computers on the network even over the internet. Also saves the activities as movie files for recordical purpose. Survillance for kids, employees, family or anyone. This program let you connect to all the computers on your network and watch their computer screen activities, physical activies on the webcam and listen to the actual sound through microphone. Desktop Screen monitoring help you find their computer operation. Webcam option let you watch your home from office (watch kids/pets). Program saves desktop activity and webcam activity in compressed AVI format with timestamp. Also the records the sound from microphone input into wave file.

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  • 11.Private Investigator Supplies
    Spy Cameras and Covert DVRs at DynaSpy.com

    Spy Cameras & Gadgets, Hidden/Covert Video Camera, Body Worn Surveillance, Nanny Cams, Button & Screw Cameras,Clock Camera, Micro and Mini Cameras, Smallest Camera, Private Investigator Supplies. Mini Wireless Color Cameras only $68.99!

  • 12. Webroot Software
    Webroot Software Inc.

    Webroot Software, provides industry leading security software for consumers, enterprises and small and medium businesses worldwide. Webroot products consistently receive top review ratings by respected third–party outlets and have been adopted by millions globally.For more information on Webroot Software, please view our: Check Your PC For Harmful Threats- Download Free Spy Sweeper Scan

  • 13. Computer Screen Spy

    Computer Screen Spy Monitor software automatically captures screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals. It is perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children or spouse.

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  • 14.KeyLogger
    KeyLogger with Advanced remote log email and screenshot features

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  • 15.iMonitor

    iMonitorPC is the equivalent of a digital surveillance system for your computer. With this amazing monitoring software you will be able to see exactly what people have been doing online and offline just like you are looking at the computer monitor over their shoulders. iMonitorPC records the users activity, such as programs used, websites visited, chat room activity (MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Skype, AOL, ICQ), social network usage. iMonitorPC also includes selective website blocking, activity reports, screen shots, top 10 used programs, web sites and chats, user warnings, program usage limits. iMonitorPC is easy to use and configure, intuitive, and password protected. iMonitorPC allows you to define and enforce rules regarding the way a PC user can use it. Review activity reports online at www.imonitorpc.com or send them automatically via email.

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  • 16.Surveillance Centre
    This Surveillance Tool was Developed to provide security for the following Customers: Home Owners
    Small Business
    Governement and Financial Institutions

    The following is a list of the Powerful features:
    Motion Detection for still images
    Motion Detection for Video
    Time lapse video
    Ability to alter video quality
    Ability to alter video size
    Ability to toggle between Grey Scale and Colour
    Ability to alter video quality
    Vary level of accuracy to detect motion for smaller moving objects
    Ability to alter Video and still image time intervals
    Ability to transfer capture files to a remote location via ftp
    Ability to store meta data for each image/video capture into a database and or log file
    Ability to run as a service
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  • 17.Windows eraser

    Windows Eraser is an Privacy Eraser that protects your privacy by erasing all the tracks of your internet and computer activities. Windows Eraser supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Opera, and MSN Explorer. In addition, Windows Eraser supports free plug-ins to extend cleaning features, you can easily erase the tracks left by any applications and make your own plug-ins. We currently offer more than 200+ FREE plug-ins which supports the most popular programs such as ACDSee, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, KaZaA, Real Player, Media Player software and many others. With Windows Eraser you can schedule erasing tasks run at a time that is most convenient for you.

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  • 18.Remotely Control Your PC

    Use the Internet to remotely control your PC. Control any Windows machine with any other windows machine. Need to work on a file over the weekend? Left an important document in the office? Don't drive in, just grab it remotely with RemoteComputer. RemoteComputer is a simple, cost effective solution for accessing your workstation from anywhere in the world, over any Internet connection! With compressed data transfer, it's fast-- even over a dial-up connection! Here's some of its features:Click Here And [More Information]

  • 19.WebSnitch

    Ever need to keep tabs on your child, spouse, or business partner while they are using the computer? Introducing the WebSnitch the most powerful monitoring and surveillance software today! Think that your spouse might be cheating on you? WebSnitch will tell you for certain. You will be able to read what was typed on your computer during a chat session as well as every Website they visits when using your computer. Our monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on both sides of chat conversations from your spouse, or anyone else on your computer and shows you the titles of all websites, chat rooms, and message boards they visit!

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  • 20.Remote Installer

    Remote Installer is a program that silently installs and uninstalls software on remote computers at the click of a button.
    Install and uninstall software on remote computers without having to wait.

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  • 21.AV Webcam Morpher
    Key Features of AV Webcam Morpher:

    - Handle video devices
    - Virtual webcam driver
    - Cute "nickfaces" library
    - Superior "nickvoices" library
    - Terrific video effects
    - Unlimited webcam recorder
    - Outstanding audio effects
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  • 22.Spy Monitoring Software

    We Record More Than ANYONE!Do your kids use Yahoo for email? We monitor it! See all incoming and outgoing email for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web and more. Many programs cannot record incoming web emails, like Hotmail or Yahoo. We do! Additionally, the user cannot get around IamBigBrother by clearing cache or history- it gets EVERYTHING as it happens...including PASSWORDS! Log All Web Sites Visited See a complete list of all web sites visited with the web page URL, title and time visited. Double-click on any site to visit while online.Capture Screen ShotsIamBigBrother - Secretly record all email, chat, instant messages, screenshots, keystrokes and more. Instant download!

  • 23.Advanced keylogger

    Are you looking for an advanced keylogger by software for Windows?, WinSession Logger (WSL) is a recommended spy software, which allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence or for saving a reference of your activities. It is designed for the hidden computer monitoring and the monitoring of the computer activity. Records, images, urls, etc.is the most complete keylogger!.
    For CEOs. You can perform the full control of the computers of your company or enterprise. You will always know about all actions performed by the employees or other people on the computers of your company.

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  • 24.eFindOutTheTruth.com, Inc.
    eFindOutTheTruth.com, Inc.

    eFindOutTheTruth.com, Inc. - The Background Check Superstore! We offer the most thorough and cost effective background checks and criminal record searches in the public records research industry. Let our private investigators research your requests. We also carry diversion safes, stun guns,alarms,taser guns,fake cameras, CCTV cameras, and more.

  • 25.Worried about Pedophiles contacting your children
    Worried about Pedophiles contacting your children

    Teen Minder allows you to monitor your childs chat sessions, emails, and websites visited. Captures all keystrokes, and takes scheduled screenshots that can be emailed to you and played back later. Completely invisible and automatic spying software. Easy setup and configuration, you can have this installed and monitoring in five minutes.
    Completely invisible and easy to use, all information captured is stored in an encrypted log file. The log file can be sent secretly at scheduled intervals to any specified email address, viewed at your leisure, however you would like it setup.
    All activity in Internet Explorer can be monitored, and WebPages are cached for viewing offline.
    Screenshots can be taken at given intervals, capturing everything that is currently on the screen for easy playback later.

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  • 26.Win-Surveillance Monitoring Software.

    Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer? Is your spouse cheating on you? Do you need to monitor what your employees are doing during work hours? Is someone tampering with your computer while you are away? Monitor Your Home Pc Or Any Pc Within Network.

  • 27.Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

    Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is a power stealth PC Spy software that lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your PC while you are away; an invisible keylogger which allows you to secretly record all activities of PC users including all keystrokes and screenshots captured; Moreover, it supports to remote monitoring through logs report delivery via email without any physically need.[Free Trial]   Purchase]  [More Information]

  • 27.Spy Monitor Screen Recorder

    Spy Monitor Screen Recorder software, a computer screen recorder and spy monitor software. This screen recording software allows to secretly capture screen activities and mouse movement on your computer into WMV or AVI files uninterruptedly or schedule your recordings as you fixed; or you can choose to capture specified screen activity which is useful and important to your monitoring target.Screen recording software is just like a desktop camera. Every desktop and cursor activity, including keystroke typing, some window or program opening or closing, website browsing, IM chatting and all other PC activity will be captured and all of these can display incessantly in the video recording files just like a movie. With this screen recorder monitor, you can view clearly what others do on your computer when you are away[Trial Copy]   [Full Version]

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