Vietnamese prostitutes openly prowl Chinatown In Singapore

by Shirry

Beautiful Middle-aged women from Vietnamese have replaced their Chinese counterparts in offering sex to elderly men and retirees along China town in Singapore

China women have become a rare sight in Singapore China Town after many raids and tough action against them. Nevertheless,young and attractive Vietnamese women who look to be in their mid-to-late-40s have filled the gap.

These women, believed to be travel on social visit passes,gather at area around Chinatown MRT station, stopping and then to talk to elderly men and retirees sitting around the area,looking for sexual services from this ladies.
The women from Vietnam, however, discreetly dressing in blouses and jeans instead of revealing outfits to avoid unnecessary attention,from the authority.

According to one reliable sources, these prostitutes charge an average service fee of S$100 per hour.The prostitutes are actually operating at the back lanes of Geylang, where it is now over-populated by women from other countries such as China, Indonesia and Vietnam, all figting for the same customers. Thus, they have no choice but to resort to operating in the open of Chinatown for money.

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Sincerely 27/10/2011

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Aug 17, 2013
not chinatown
by: Anonymous

Correct u. That is not chinatown in singapore. They are the cheapest tier cost around US 22 bucks. Usually for bangala, chinaman or low wage workers.

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Sep 23, 2012
Live and let live
by: William

If these women choose this type of job, then let them, it my be that they need to do it.

Also if a man wishes to pay for sex, than let him, it up to him.

lest stop judging and let people carry on with their lives.

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